Assurance and Audit Services

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In today’s marketplace, organizations face a wide range of unprecedented challenges and opportunities – from rapidly evolving business models and competitive pressures to increasingly complex regulatory demands. Stakeholders and investors demand access to clear information on operational performance, transactions, markets and inherent risks. Ultimately, objective, dependable assurance and audit services fuel clarity and confidence.

MGO has developed a truly holistic approach to assurance services, tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our process begins by developing a clear understanding of your distinct objectives, requirements and the scope of your operating environment. From there, we combine proven industry expertise with optimized tools and methodologies to develop a program plan that meets the diverse needs of regulators, stakeholders, and your management team.

The State of Audit & Assurance

The global business landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. Disruptive innovations and groundbreaking technologies are transforming entire industries, as well as the expectations of executives, boards, audit committees, and other stakeholders. Private and public enterprises are being asked to re-think traditional notions of risk management and financial controls. As a result, the world of assurance and audit services is changing at a remarkable pace.

Audit of The Future

In the next five to ten years, assurance and audit services will bear little resemblance to what has historically been defined as audit. Data analytics, artificial intelligence, and massive databases of detailed industry information will play an important role in the formation of a dramatically different approach to assurance and audit services.

Technology will enable an approach that allows auditors to examine comprehensive data sets and enterprise-wide sources of unstructured information, rather than relying on limited, time-intensive sampling techniques. These innovations will ultimately elevate the audit model from a review of historical data to include more forward-looking insights based on predictive analytics.

MGO is committed to bringing innovation and insight to our clients. We’re working with industry thought leaders, regulatory agencies, and select partner firms to pioneer the tools and methodologies that will make assurance and audit services exponentially more valuable to our clients.

The MGO Difference

A Unique Approach: Delivering business intelligence driven by team members with deep industry-focused subject matter expertise – augmented by broad industry data sets for uses in predictive analytics, benchmarking, and other business insights.

The Language of Business

Warren Buffett said, “Accounting is the Language of Business.” We like that quote so much we put it in our mission statement: “To empower clients through the Language of Business.” To us, it’s all about measurement. Not just the financials, but the full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative measures that help us transform complex financial data into meaningful insights. Empowering decision-makers to face their toughest challenges with clarity and confidence. This simple ethos sums up our approach to assurance and audit services – today and into the future.


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