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Strength comes from diversity. Share your voice, experience other perspectives, be your authentic self.


Going beyond diversity,
equity, and inclusion

At MGO, we believe belonging allows each of us to unlock our purpose and bring our authentic selves to work every day. We’ve cultivated a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment that fosters collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation. It’s only when you feel a sense of belonging can you openly share ideas, confidently speak up, and fully contribute to MGO’s and our clients’ success.

MGO: where YOU belong.

MGO Community Groups

MGO Employee Community Groups (ECG) were formed to support and create a sense of belonging and engagement among employees, to provide networking and professional development opportunities within MGO, as well as promote cross collaboration and innovation through allyship and community. Our ECGs are designed to support various communities at MGO through advocation, education, engagement, and the provision of resources for those belonging to the groups and their allies.

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    Supports Asian, Pacific Islander, and Asian Americans at MGO through career professional development, social and professional networking engagement opportunities, mentorship, and the provision of resources for those belonging to the group and its allies.

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    MGO Pride

    Supports those belonging to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies through celebration, advocation and awareness, education, community impact, and the provision of resources for those belonging to the group.

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    MGO Women

    Designed to support women at MGO through advocation, education and resources, engagement, mentorship and career professional development opportunities for those belonging to the group and its allies.

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    MGO Mosaic

    Formed to support and advocate for Multicultural People of Color at MGO through mentorship and coaching, community and resources, education and engagement, networking/growth and leadership development opportunities for those belonging to the group and its allies.

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    MGO Family First

    Established to provide support for parents at MGO through allyship, resources, education, community, and advocation those belonging to the group and its allies.

Education programs

Where Everyone Belongs

We further our commitment to the virtuous cycle of human care through MGO Cares. This 100% employee-led organization provides charitable donations and other forms of support to causes that align with our collective vision.

Learn about MGO Cares

I really enjoyed all the training sessions and feel incredibly lucky that I had such an opportunity at the early stage of my career. The speakers are very inspiring and shared a lot of helpful tips and perspectives which can help us advance our career. They reminded me that I own my career and I need to take action.

Reputation and recognition

We couldn’t have done it without you. MGO’s reputation and the recognition we’ve earned comes from our deep commitment to each other. These are our shared rewards.

Find Your Place at MGO

Do you have any feedback, ideas for an Employee Community Group, or other ideas for fostering community at MGO? We’d love to hear from you.

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