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COVID-19 Resource Center

In our 30-year history, we’ve learned that the strongest relationships are forged during times of adversity. We understand that the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented in the history of American business. Our aim is to be the trusted advisor you count on to help you navigate the challenges ahead.


The Future Game

Financial Guidance and Insights for Athletes

Too many professional athletes experience financial distress after their playing careers come to an end. It doesn’t have to be this way. It is never too late for athletes to start building a lifestyle that reflects their values and allows them to give back to their communities.


The Future Game

What you need to know about what we do and how we do it.

Now We're Here

The First Check: True Value of a Dollar

NBA star Draymond Green sits down with MGO’s Morgan Stinson to talk about what his first big check taught him about the real value of a dollar…

The Big Picture

The Psychology of Money

Business Manager Buwa Ijirigho dives into how perceptions of money shape behavior and must be overcome to grow…

The Big Picture

If You Build it Your Dreams Will Come

MGO Private Wealth Partner Louis Barajas breaks down the fundamental approach to building wealth and a brand…

Skills and Drills

What is a Million Dollars Really Worth?

A million dollars is a lot of money, but taxes, fees and other costs make a major impact on what you’re really taking home…

Cannabis M&A Field Guide

Strategic Guidance and Technical Insight

Amid unprecedented economic and social turbulence, cannabis and hemp operators and investors are navigating new market realities re-shaping the drivers behind mergers and acquisitions. This is the place to get exclusive insights and guidance on how to build a market leader through value-optimized M&A deals.

Featured Insights

Emerging Perspectives on Tax

The complex and evolving nature of tax codes – at International, Federal and State and Local levels – creates opportunities to gain competitive advantage for the proactive and well-informed.

MGO’s leading team of tax specialists regularly publish news, articles and thought leadership detailing emerging opportunities and risks focused on helping our clients lower their tax burden and achieve strategic growth.

Tax Alert

Election Impact on Corporate Tax Planning

A Biden administration could have a major impact on corporate tax planning, with proposed changes to the corporate tax rate, AMT, social security and more…


Election Impact on International Tax Planning

A Biden administration could have a major impact on international tax planning, with proposed changes to GILTI, offshoring, and repatriation…


Election Impact on Individual Tax Planning

A Biden administration could have a major impact on individual tax rates, estate planning, capital gains and more…

Article Series

Forging a Path Forward: IRS Provides Guidance on Employee Payroll Tax Deferral

Analysis of IRS Notice 2020-65, which provides much-needed guidance for employers wondering how to comply with the employee payroll tax deferral program…

Chapter 7

M&A Tax: Securing Value Before the Deal Goes Down

Taking a proactive stance toward understanding and maximizing tax incentives, and mitigating tax liabilities, is one of the most essential steps in driving…