TAX ALERT: Latest on the Wayfair Impact on State Nexus Laws

Following the US Supreme Court’s landmark decision in the South Dakota v. Wayfair case, states across the US are rolling >>>

Top Cyber Risks Threatening the Cannabis Industry

As cannabis evolves into a multi-billion dollar global industry, booming revenue, historic M&A deals, and eye-watering capital raises dominate business >>>

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Reading the Cannabis Leaves: What M&A Activity Tells Us About the Future of Cannabis

As more states legalize the use of cannabis for medical and recreational use, cannabis companies are seeing a rapid rise >>>

Does Your Organization have a Need for an Independent Eye on Performance?

Alternative Engagement Types: Consulting Services, Agreed-Upon Procedures, and Performance Audits By Scott P. Johnson, CPA, CGMA Partner, Macias Gini & >>>

High Earning Celebrities Must Manage Their Finances like a Fortune 500 Company

As discussed in previous articles, Athletes and Entertainers in Film and Television find themselves in one of the riskiest financial >>>

Cannabis Regulatory Round-Up – SAFE Act, STATES Act, New York, New Jersey and more

The legal, legislative, and regulatory landscape of cannabis in North America is dynamic and if there has been one constant >>>

The Time is Now for Planning the GASB 87 Lease Accounting Implementation

10 Preliminary Implementation Steps That Will Supercharge Your Action Plan GASB 87 Readiness With an effective date within the next >>>

Growing a Strong Economic Future by Investing in Cannabis

Byline: Rodrigo Macias, MGO Gaming, Hospitality and Tribal Services Practice Leader Investments in the gaming and hospitality industries have proven >>>

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