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MGO Saw a Huge Leap on the Orange County Business Journal’s Accounting Firms List

MGO saw a huge leap on the Orange County Business Journal's Accounting Firms List and is highlighted as this year's "biggest riser." We jumped from the No. 34 spot last year to the No. 16 spot this year! The OCBJ announces something that hasn't happened in a decade: Orange County's largest accounting firms are seeing a decline in employees. According to the article, 13 firms reported declines, including 5 of the 7 biggest in the area. 9 still have the same headcount, and only 23 have seen an increase in their employee numbers. MGO is one of those 23. MGO's CEO and Managing Partner, Kevin O'Connell, is quoted in the article discussing the accounting industry's rapid expansion taking place in Orange County, as larger companies are making acquisitions to immediately participate in the OC economy. "If you look throughout the country, there are certain markets that are bellwethers in California. All of those other mergers came into Orange County to establish a beach head," Kevin says. The list- accounting firms *Courtesy: Orange County Business Journal


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