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Prepare for IRS Scrutiny with Proactive Compliance

Safeguard your company's compliance and financial health to stay ahead of IRS audits. By identifying and addressing potential issues preemptively, you can minimize the risk of penalties and costly adjustments.

As Internal Revenue Service (IRS) funding increases, leading to more rigorous enforcement of transfer pricing regulations, your company faces a growing need to make its compliance bulletproof. Our IRS Pre CheckUP service is designed to help your business identify and rectify potential weaknesses in transfer pricing and international tax documentation and practices before facing an actual IRS audit. Our service provides detailed, actionable advice to improve your documentation and practices in U.S. international taxation and/or transfer pricing, enhancing overall compliance. By tackling these issues proactively, you can avoid the excessive costs and disruptions typically associated with official IRS audits. Schedule your IRS Pre CheckUP at any time of the year, allowing flexibility to meet your company’s specific needs and resource availability.

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