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Cannabis 50

Introduction to the Cannabis 50


Welcome to the Cannabis 50

As the businesses of cannabis, hemp and CBD grow, it is essential not to lose sight of how we got here. The cannabis industry is built on an entourage effect: a collaborative effort from medical cannabis advocates, social justice warriors, and pioneering entrepreneurs (just to name a few).

In our work serving the cannabis industry, we’ve found inspiration in the creativity and fearlessness of our clients, allies, and the leaders we admire. We’ve developed the Cannabis 50 to celebrate the individuals and organizations making a positive impact across the regulatory, operational, financial,
and cultural obstacles facing cannabis today.

Our ultimate goal is to catalyze further innovation and positive growth by sharing the stories of those who motivate and encourage us.

Congratulations to all our honorees, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2020.

- Kevin O'Connell, CEO of MGO

Cannabis 50 Structure

The Cannabis 50 honorees are making wide-ranging impacts across the fabric of cannabis, hemp and CBD culture. To ease navigation, they have been loosely organized by similarities in cause and action.

Doing Well |
Entrepreneurs and enterprises expanding financial, operational, and
environmental horizons.

Doing Good |
Non-profits, activists and others undoing social harms, supporting sustainability and providing equitable opportunity.

Money Talks |
Investors, lobbyists and others opening avenues of capital fueling an emerging industry.

Knowledge & Health |
Researchers, educators and others expanding and sharing the
untapped benefits of cannabis.

All of the Lights |
Athletes, entertainers and creatives mainstreaming cannabis culture and giving back to the community.

Our Perspective

Cannabis, hemp, and CBD touch millions of lives. Not everyone pushing these industries forward could be honored here. We can only tell the stories we know – and only a fraction of those. But we did our best to represent a broad sample from the spectrum of challenges, opportunities and innovations.

Things to Keep in Mind...

Not an Award
The Cannabis 50 is not a competition. There is no prize. No winners or losers. Just stories from the frontlines.

Progress not Perfection
People, plants and organizations are complex. We chose honorees making a positive impact in specific areas and do our best to explain why.

Cannabis, Hemp and CBD
All originating from the one plant, each sector is discussed when appropriate, and “cannabis industry” is used as short-hand.

Leaders and Underdogs
Some selections will be obvious. Others puzzling or unknown. That’s intentional
as we sought a diverse and representative selection.

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