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High Earning Celebrities Must Manage Their Finances like a Fortune 500 Company


As discussed in previous articles, athletes and entertainers in film and television find themselves in one of the riskiest financial brackets. There’s a lot of mitigating circumstances that can lead to financial peril for these top tier earners and you can read about them here:

The financial perils celebrities face in Hollywood

A professional athlete or a top tier individual in entertainment should look at their expanded wealth and the management of that wealth the same way a mid-sized company would. The person earning the income is the CEO of the business and their name is the brand. They need a CFO to manage finances who is supported by a team of experts who are the best in their fields of wealth management, diversified investing, and financial planning. This team then enables the talent to get the best use out of their wealth while still making provisions for a comfortable future.

A good partnership between a high earning professional and a financial team can yield endless results and allow earners to live comfortably now and long into the future when considering retirement. Trust is the key to a successful working relationship between a high-income client and their financial team. With that trust established; the future of an individual and their family will be assured with strategy, planning, and more than just a bit of market savvy.

The first step in working with a professional financial team is to take ownership of financial awareness and education. It’s important that the earner takes time whether over the phone, remotely through video conference, or when possible in person; to sit and talk to their financial professionals. This will help them understand how and why their money is being managed the way it is.

A financial team needs to be allowed to act as guardians of wealth

High-earning talent must allow their financial team to act as guardians and keepers of their money. In the worlds of sports and entertainment celebrity, very few things are ever denied top-earning talent, and quite often they are not acquainted with the word “no.”

This is where financial teams step in to not only shield talent from financial predators and bad investments, but to also protect the earner’s money from themselves by helping curb extravagant spending and off-the-wall purchases. A good financial professional team is the best line of defense against money disappearing with no return.

Establish current and future goals for the life you want

A series of goals must be set by the earner and their financial professionals to properly plan for the future. Where do you want to be when you retire? What kind of life do you want to have? With the money you have coming in, what sort of plans can you make for yourself and your family? It’s important that individuals set realistic goals that are guided by their financial team, and that they maintain solid credit through their more lucrative years so they have an excellent history to build from.

Work to establish a series of sound and profitable investments

Talent can work with their financial team to establish investments that will earn returns and dividends that they can draw upon once they are no longer working. Municipal Bonds and ETFs in efficient markets are examples of smart investments. There are a multitude of options available, and if your financial team is savvy; they can advise you in the world of alternative investments like casinos, restaurants, hotels, and newer
markets like cannabis.

Get the right insurance for your career and risk profile

The financial team must work to ensure that talent has adequate insurance. Athletes take risks with their bodies all the time, so it is important that a player maintains the correct type of insurance that will cover them if they are injured and are unable to return to playing for a season. Or in a worst case scenario, they are forced into early retirement by an injury. The same can is true for actors, directors, and professionals in the world of entertainment. On-set accidents do happen, and if a person is unable to work in their chosen field; their earnings drop to next to nothing.

There is an energy and synergy to money

There is a synergy and energy to the exchange of money. Money is like an electrical current and a flow must be maintained at all times for wealth to increase in size. There needs to be a give and receive in place when balancing an individuals’ investments and wealth, and there is always the value of giving vs. receiving to consider. This journey to finding a balance with a financial team and a true vision of what a person wants to achieve with their wealth and their life is a much broader topic; which we’ll be discussing soon enough. So, just keep your eyes open for further editorials in this ongoing series!