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Empowering Clients Through the Language of Business


Warren Buffett said, “Accounting is the Language of Business.” We like that quote so much we put it in our mission statement: “To empower clients through the Language of Business.” To us, it’s all about measurement. Not just the financials, but the full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative measures that help us transform complex financial data into meaningful insights. Empowering decision-makers to face their toughest challenges with clarity and confidence. This simple ethos sums up our approach to assurance and audit services – today and into the future.

Our values

Ideas rule

At MGO we want to know what you’re thinking. We believe ideas are the building blocks of opportunity. While other firms often focus on cookie-cutter solutions and cloned engagement teams, we focus on critical thinking and innovation. Success at MGO isn’t limited to a rigidly defined career path or job description. Our people look at challenges and see opportunities. Got an idea? We’re listening.

Build something

At MGO we don’t believe opportunity should be a narrowly defined, strictly managed roadmap for advancement. Quite the opposite. We’re creating an environment where smart, entrepreneurial people can define their own path. We offer the tools and support to identify opportunities and create solutions. There’s an opportunity for each of our people to build something of their own.

Straight talk

In an industry riddled with self-promotion and a growing expectations gap, integrity will always stand out. No gloss or polish necessary. At MGO we’re not interested in hype…or spin…or meaningless jargon – and neither are our clients. We believe in clear, concise, courageous conversations – without the embellishments and disclaimers. We know the importance of listening and the value of taking a position. Simply put, our job is to tell it like it is.

Help first

We believe the fastest way to succeed is to help others succeed. It’s a value that goes deeper than a simple commitment to teamwork. It’s about creating an environment where individuals are invested in one another. A commitment to help first – whether it’s an employee, a client, or a vendor – establishes trust and a win-win mindset that fuels performance.

Go beyond

There is one common thread that runs through every major milestone in the history of our firm: We have consistently overcome conventional expectations of what we can be – of what we can accomplish – together. Simply put, “good enough” is rarely “good enough.” We are committed to going the extra mile for our clients…our colleagues…our communities. We encourage our people to think bigger, to challenge limitations and boundaries, and to challenge ourselves. We believe our only limits are self-imposed.

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