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AAPI Heritage Month Spotlight: Mandy Li

Mandy Li is a tax managing director and the head of transfer pricing at MGO and works out of the firm’s San Jose office. As the co-chair of the firm’s AAPI Committee, Mandy celebrates, implements, and shares her Chinese heritage every day. Growing up in China, Mandy learned several valuable lessons, including the importance of working hard, respecting elders, and prioritizing responsibility and honesty in everything she does. “Even as a little kid, my parents made sure I learned those things!” Mandy said. “Chinese cultural values laid the foundation for who I am today.” Despite the distance, Mandy maintains a close relationship with her family, calling her parents nearly every day, no matter where she is or what she’s doing. “We’ve always been big celebrators,” Mandy said. “Celebrating together, whether it’s a holiday or gathering, strengthens our bond—and the delicious Chinese food we serve at each event doesn’t hurt!” For important festivals like Spring Festival, Mandy says that everyone tries to fly from wherever they are in the world to celebrate in one place together. Mandy believes AAPI Heritage Month gives us the opportunity to promote social justice, appreciating the histories and heritages that make each group unique while bringing the communities together to celebrate and raise awareness. “One of our biggest goals is to attract more AAPI employees to MGO,” Mandy said. “If we can do that, it means the firm will be even more diverse — and because of that — that much stronger.”

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