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In today’s global digital marketplace, risk and opportunity move at the speed of light. To gain competitive advantage, successful organizations must strike an optimal balance of mitigating risk while remaining agile and connected. MGO Technology Group understands how to facilitate connectivity without compromising security. Our end-to-end technology solutions are engineered to comply with fiduciary and regulatory demands, stay ahead of emerging security threats, and align with strategic business goals to enable enterprise efficiencies.

Our dedicated team of cyber and information security experts deliver peace of mind by creating custom security programs focused on protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability your company’s critical data.

Cyber & Information Security Assessments

Cyber and information security programs need to have an annual, third-party “health check.” Threats and technology change, affecting risk levels and tolerances. Your enterprise must be aware and change with those factors. MGOTG performs these assessments using a team approach, utilizing various skillsets and tools that allow for a comprehensive assessment that identifies new threats. MGOTG will also develop a roadmap to ensure you are on the right path for lasting security.

Threat Intelligence

Understanding the real threats that face your organization and high profile employees is required for successful enterprises. The capability to navigate identified threats is a responsibility of the stakeholders for any company, public or private. MGOTG has access to deep intelligence in the cyber community and can develop a two-prong approach addressing these threats. We provide education and awareness on emerging threats, and will also develop effective controls that protect your company and employees.

Regulatory Compliance

Conforming with various laws and regulations is necessary to ensure proper controls are in place and regulatory fines are not levied. Maintaining compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), or other laws or regulations can be a daunting challenge. MGOTG has tools and processes that give organizations the capability to create and monitor compliance requirements, enhance your program, and augment your team.

Cyber and Information Governance

A governance program utilizing an established framework will allow you to achieve organizational objectives and position you for the future. A governance framework will improve security policies; implement technical controls; support audits and assessments; and drive awareness. The governance framework must be continually updated to focus on emerging threat factors in the technological landscape and people’s views and behaviors. MGOTG will work with you to create a comprehensive governance program tailored to your industry, business requirements, and strategy.

Network Assessment

Is your current IT network designed for your current needs and future requirements? Understanding your infrastructure, processes, performance management, and cyber security is required for a complete picture. MGOTG uses a team approach to assess an organization’s network regardless of size to help ensure the performance is what you require and the technology is suited for your business strategy.

Security Architecture & Implementation

Designing and implementing security protocols in today’s IT environment is about shoring up all weaknesses to protect IP and other critical data. MGOTG provides advisory services that will help your business develop and implement right-fit security solutions that match current needs and allow for future growth.

Security Roadmap

In today’s technological landscape, cyber threats are coming at employees multiple times per day in a wide variety of forms. Small- to mid-sized organizations may not have the resources to focus on cyber and information security at necessary levels. MGOTG has created a security roadmap that grants organizations the opportunity to gradually incorporate various security disciplines and build toward a robust strategy.

Areas that we focus on include:

  • Employee awareness
  • Network monitoring
  • Threat assessments
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Risk management
  • Policies
  • Managed services
  • 3rd party vendor risk
  • Physical and environmental security

Embracing these and other disciplines and gradually rolling them out over a 12 to 18 month period will afford your business superior levels of protection

3rd Party Vendor Risk

Organizations of all sizes place heavy reliance on the use of partners and vendors. In doing so, sensitive or proprietary information is often shared through electronic means or a direct connection to your network. It is essential to ensure the necessary levels of cyber and information security controls are in place to protect your sensitive data and the data entrusted to you by others. MGOTG can create or enhance your current 3rd party vendor risk program and provide streamlined technology that increases efficiency and controls costs.

Penetration Testing

Unaddressed vulnerabilities pose significant risk to your company. Properly executed penetration tests can identify and diagnose critical assets and organizational processes that make you a target. MGOTG provides varying levels of penetration testing per your company’s needs. More than a “scan” of your network, our manual and automated tests help ensure vulnerabilities are identified and a robust remediation plan is created.

Incident Response Planning

It is not a matter of if, but when, your company will be breached. No one wants to have to execute an incident response plan, but the only thing worse than a disaster is not being prepared. With proper preparation an efficient response can save time, money, and brand reputation. MGOTG focuses on the six key steps of a proper plan: preparation, detection & identification, containment, remediation, recovery, and lessons learned.

Business Continuity Management

If a catastrophe occurs overnight, is your enterprise prepared to continue work in another location or facility? Have you established the proper plans to ensure your employees know what to do and where to go? Will the applications that you rely on to take orders or communicate be available? MGOTG’s service focuses on one theme: is it executable? If you do not have a business continuity or business resumption plan that is executable, it is not a plan. We will create a plan based on the risks you face and ensure your team knows how to react when an event occurs.

Identity & Access Management

Understanding and controlling who has access to critical data and information is essential to enterprise health and security, and often a regulatory requirement. Proper planning, implementation, and execution can lower risk while also automating many areas, giving you a quantifiable return on investment. MGOTG provides a robust team with varied skillsets, both onshore and offshore, if required, to deliver solutions that fit your business requirements.

Areas of focus include:

  • IAM Governance, Framework and Transformation
  • IAM Program Definition
  • Readiness Assessments and Strategic Roadmap
  • IAM Technology and Vendor Selection
  • Rapid Identity Administration and Governance
  • Large Scale IAM Modernization
  • Packaged PIM
  • IAM Managed Services
  • IAM Integration Factory
  • SSO and Multi Factor Authentication
  • Segregation of Duties
Secure Software Development

Creating software requires various levels of protection and built-in security. Following a Secure Software Development Lifecycle will afford the required level of performance and security to help ensure users are protected. MGOTG can provide expert focus on code review, architecture analysis, and penetration testing to help ensure the software that you create or use on a daily basis has the requirements for confidentiality, integrity, and availability built in.

IT Managed Services

When an organization grows to a size that a full-time IT component needs to be established, an efficient solution is to have a vendor manage this responsibility, allowing you to focus on the business. Having a trusted partner like MGOTG manage your IT function will provide peace of mind knowing that your network is being monitored 24x7, software is always updated, antivirus updates happen when needed, and files are properly backed up in case of a disaster. As required, an IT professional can be working onsite assisting with required activities.

Vendor Selection

Identifying the proper vendor to provide new technology or software for your organization can be a time-consuming task. Having a defined, streamlined process is essential to saving time and money. The MGOTG process provides efficiencies by focusing on: needs analysis and requirements definition; research and vendor filtering; creation of RFPs; evaluating responses and potential proof of concept; and guidance on vendor selection.

ERP Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a key component to the efficiency of an organization. The right ERP solution will integrate the processes critical to running your business, including human resources, inventory management, accounting, and customer relationship management (CRM). MGOTG will assist you in the mapping, planning, and selection of an ERP solution that fits your business strategy and enables future growth.

Virtual CIO

Organizations that do not have a full-time Chief Information Officer can access experienced support to ensure your organization is doing everything necessary to maintain a robust and reliable IT Enterprise. Working with your current IT organization or managed service provider, our vCIO will help with the strategy of the organization, optimize the technology roadmap, and collaborate with leadership and stakeholders. MGOTG has a team of seasoned professionals who will deliver the skills and experiences to guide and support your organization. Most work is performed remotely, however we can provide onsite support as required.

Virtual CISO

Organizations that do not have a full-time Chief Information Security Officer can access experienced support to ensure your organization is doing everything necessary to protect its information assets. MGOTG has a team of former and current CISOs that can be utilized remotely or onsite to augment your leadership team. This level of guidance allows organization to have expert monitoring of your cyber security program, and is more affordable than a full-time hire.

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