Assurance & Audit Services

In today’s marketplace, organizations face complex, ever-shifting regulatory demands in addition to rapidly evolving competitive pressures. Stakeholders and investors demand access to clear information on operational performance, transactions, markets, and inherent risks. Ultimately, objective, dependable assurance and audit services fuel clarity and confidence.

MGO offers wide range of global assurance and audit solutions – delivered by a deep bench of highly-trained CPAs with proven industry-specific experience.  Our flexible, tailored suite of assurance services includes financial statement audits and compliance audits for private and public companies, as well as not-for-profits and government entities.

In addition to our global headquarters in Los Angeles, our rapidly-expanding list of Southern California offices includes Orange County and San Diego.  In Northern California, we have we have offices in Sacramento, Walnut Creek and San Francisco.  Our East Coast Presence in anchored by our Miami Office and our Global Accounting Service center in New Delhi India provides expertise to clients around the world.

MGO is frequently recognized as one of the nation’s top CPA firms providing assurance and audit services.  While other accounting firms provide cookie-cutter solutions, MGO focuses on critical thinking and innovation. By providing our clients with an objective, holistic organizational vision, they gain the insight to make informed decision when facing their toughest challenges.

Discovering Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities for Growth

While assurance and audit services originate as a compliance obligation, they can also serve as a powerful view into the heart of an organization. The perspective of an objective and trustworthy third-party can help an organization gain a profound understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for transformational growth.

The technology-enabled methodologies of MGO’s assurance and audit services incorporate our mission to act as trusted advisors to our clients. This purpose manifests in going beyond the demands of compliance to provide additional value. Our thorough examinations do more than identify areas of risk, we recognize areas of opportunity and provide guidance toward maximizing it.

MGO’s Holistic Assurance Model

Comprehensive Assurance and Audit Services

MGO LLP is a leading assurance and audit CPA firm for clients in California, the US, and around the world. Our goal, plain and simple, is to help our clients improve competitive advantage through value-added assurance solutions. We offer a diverse range of fully integrated assurance services that combine regulatory knowledge with operational insight and deep industry knowledge. Our experienced professionals work diligently to provide guidance on all aspects of financial reporting, driven by expertise that helps our clients make informed, strategic decisions.

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