Proven Solutions for an Emerging Industry

As medical and recreational cannabis gain widespread acceptance across the country, government agencies, investors and commercial enterprises face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. While analysts predict the emergence of a multi-billion dollar industry, the players in this emerging market are left to navigate the unique hurdles associated with conflicting state and federal laws, an all-cash environment, a lack of established financial controls and a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

That’s why MGO has developed a suite of proven solutions to help Government Agencies and Institutional Investors navigate the complexities of medical and recreational cannabis markets – as well as a strategic alliance with ELLO LLC, a leading team of cannabis industry experts. The team is comprised of experienced accounting and advisory professionals who have helped shape the systems, processes and best practices of the marijuana industry.

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ELLO LLC: Solutions for the Commercial Cannabis Enterprises

For retailers, dispensaries, growers, distributors and other commercial enterprises, MGO has partnered with ELLO LLC to provide value-added service to the cannabis. ELLO is comprised of national leaders in the cannabis industry leaders – with over 18 years of experience serving medical and recreational marijuana businesses. Collectively, our team has serviced over 600 cannabis clients in every niche of the industry and throughout the country.

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