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Progress Made But Much Work to Be Done: Fireside Chat with Cat Packer and Lori Ajax

Earlier in June, the MGO | ELLO Alliance sponsored the “Cannabis in California: A Fireside Chat” event, a discussion of >>>

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July Packaging & Testing Deadline: How Cannabis Businesses are Complying with California Requirements

"The transition period in the licensing authorities’ regulations allowing exceptions from specific regulatory provisions ends on June 30, 2018. Beginning >>>

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Supreme Court Allows States to Collect Online Sales Tax from Out-of-State Retailers

In a landmark ruling, the US Supreme Court decided that states can collect sales tax on products their residents purchase >>>

10 Things Government Contractors Need to Know About Tax Reform

The $1.5 trillion new tax law represents the most sweeping change to tax code in a generation. Tax reform of >>>

Cannabis Jobs Boom Creates Unexpected Challenges

The cannabis industry in California, and throughout the US, is experiencing extraordinary growth. With established cannabis businesses expanding, and new businesses opening >>>

TAX ALERT: How Will Tax Reform Affect International Activity?

After unifying the House and Senate tax reform provisions into one piece of legislation, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, >>>

Get a Grip on Operational Fraud Risk

Steps Your Organization Can Take to Detect and Prevent Fraud By Rodrigo Macias, CFE, Director, Advisory Services Business fraud is rampant >>>

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Proposed Tax Break Could Give Legal Cannabis Market a Jolt in California

California legislators are currently reviewing and amending a proposed bill that could have a major impact on the profitability and >>>

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