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Amid tumultuous market conditions public companies - along with companies planning to go public - must balance the competing pressures of maintaining regulatory and reporting compliance while sustaining investor and market confidence.


For public companies the annual audit process is integral to the organization’s financial viability. We adhere to the latest regulatory guidance and actively seek to identify control weaknesses, giving management an opportunity to address shortcomings and drive investor confidence.

Audit & Tax Services

SEC Audit & Accounting

It is increasingly challenging for public companies to comply with reporting requirements, to stay current on technical accounting rules, and satisfy the needs of management, the Board of Directors, investors, and other stakeholders. MGO’s dedicated SEC Practice delivers independent assurance services and strategic guidance to public companies and companies planning to go public. Whether serving as independent auditors, or supporting management and the Board of Directors, we help meet reporting and regulatory requirements, while providing insight into the strength of controls, operational performance, and financial health.

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SEC and Public Company Insights

With unprecedented turbulence in global capital markets, many organizations are finding actionable data insights increasingly scarce.

Discover what MGO thought leaders are saying about the topics our clients care about most.


Proposed SEC Rules on Cybersecurity Risk: What You Need to Know

With cybersecurity threats in the private and public sectors on the rise, on March 9, 2022, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued proposed…


SPACs Face Growing Scrutiny

SPACs are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional IPOs. For many they serve as an accelerated strategy to raise capital. However, they are not…

New regulatory requirements coming for foreign companies

Impact of HFCAA on Chinese Public Companies

With a wealth of Chinese companies trading in the US, the HFCAA is likely to have a significant impact on Chinese companies and their accounting firms…

SEC Update

SPACs Continue to Surge: The New Path to Public?

SPACs have stormed back to prominence by raising capital at a record pace … and then injecting those funds into capital-needy industries and companies…


Nasdaq's New IPO Rules for Chinese Companies

Breaking down the purpose and impact of Nasdaq’s new listing standards and other regulatory and reporting rules for “Restricted Market” companies…

Chapter 10

SPACs: Emerging Titans of Cannabis and Hemp

SPACs have been steadily rising in prominence in the last year with eye-popping capital raises in a time when traditional access to capital is at a near-term…


Beyond COVID-19: Transfer Pricing: Risks and Opportunities in an Age of Uncertainty

Any organization with intra-company transactions that cross borders, whether state or international, needs to understand how recent economic and social…

Featured Services

IPO Services

Services include:
Initial Audits
Registration Statement Preparation
Tax Structure Advisory
Internal Control & Cybersecurity Assessments

Assurance & Audit

Services include:
Financial Statement Audit
Integrated Audit
Global Statutory Audit
Audits of Internal Controls over Financial Reporting
International Financial Reporting Standards

Reporting & Compliance

Services include:
Due Diligence
Technical Accounting Assistance
IPO Readiness & Assistance
Internal Audit Services
Financial Forecasts & Projections
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance
Tax Compliance & Specialty Tax Services

SEC Audit & Accounting

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