Lessons from the AMCA Breach: Manage 3rd Party Vendor Risk with Three Steps

By many estimations, nearly half of all data breaches in 2018 occurred not as a direct result of an attack or negligence by the victim, but due to a breach…

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Top Cyber Risks Threatening the Cannabis Industry

As cannabis evolves into a multi-billion dollar global industry, booming revenue, historic M&A deals, and eye-watering capital raises dominate business headlines. But as cannabis enterprises expand at a rapid pace…

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Equifax Data Breach: Five Steps to Keep Your Data Safe

CPA firm recommends steps to keep your financial data secure

By Andy Loong Chief Information Security Officer  San Francisco Office As one of the nation’s leading CPA and Advisory Services firms, MGO is often asked to address questions surrounding the…

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Avoiding the Headlines: Navigating the Challenges of an IT System Implementation

BY SCOTT P. JOHNSON -PARTNER, MGO ADVISORY SERVICES BACKGROUND Last year, over $75 billion was spent on IT projects by government agencies across the country. (In case you’re wondering, that’s…

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