Internal Controls

The Real Oversight is NOT Having an Audit Committee

By JIM GODSEY, CPA, CGMA, PARTNER, MGO Everything Changes, Except When It Doesn’t Time and time again we’ve seen reactions to various accounting scandals, after which new policies, procedures, and…

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The Cannabis Banking Crisis Heads to Washington

cannabis, GRC, advisory, risk, cash, banking, internal control, cash control

by Linda Hurley, Governance, Risk, and Compliance Practice Leader Everyone involved in the cannabis industry, at any level, is all too aware of the obstacles and risks presented by the…

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Risk Alert: FBI Warns of Hacker Scheme Targeting Direct Deposit Paychecks

Cybercriminals are rerouting direct deposit paychecks into their own accounts. In a public service announcement, the FBI detailed the rise of a new scheme where criminals hack into online payroll…

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