The Real Oversight is NOT Having an Audit Committee

By JIM GODSEY, CPA, CGMA, PARTNER, MGO Everything Changes, Except When It Doesn’t Time and time again we’ve seen reactions to various accounting scandals, after which new policies, procedures, and…

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Reading the Cannabis Leaves: What M&A Activity Tells Us About the Future of Cannabis

cannabis, M&A, mergers, industry, future, advisory, growth, planning, scaling, consulting, audit, tax

As more states legalize the use of cannabis for medical and recreational use, cannabis companies are seeing a rapid rise in revenue. Profits are always the long-term goal, but many…

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Risk Alert: FBI Warns of Hacker Scheme Targeting Direct Deposit Paychecks

Cybercriminals are rerouting direct deposit paychecks into their own accounts. In a public service announcement, the FBI detailed the rise of a new scheme where criminals hack into online payroll…

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Seeking Capital in Canada: Why US Cannabis Businesses are Going Public in Canada

cannabis, industry, capital markets, capital raise, IPO, RTO, going public, Canada, cross-border, advisory, accounting, financial,

2018 has been a landmark year for the cannabis industry in many ways. Not only did California’s legal market open on 1/1/2018, but Canada is soon to become the largest…

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Why You Needed an Internal Audit Function Yesterday

Internal Audit: Optimal Governance and Minimal Risk for Government Agencies Best Practices for Organizations Seeking to Establish an Internal Audit Function By: Richard Green, CPA, Partner and Industry Leader, State…

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Delivering Value and Security via a Principled Debt Management Policy

Best Practices for Government Agencies Issuing Debt under SB 1029 By: Richard Green, CPA, Partner and Industry Leader, State and Local Government California’s public government agencies have long relied on…

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10 Things Government Contractors Need to Know About Tax Reform

The $1.5 trillion new tax law represents the most sweeping change to tax code in a generation. Tax reform of this magnitude will have broad implications for government contractors. While…

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Effective Communication Delivers Audit Transparency

The November 2017 issue of CSMFO Magazine featured an article, written by MGO’s Senior Assurance Partner Jim Godsey, focused on best practices for communication in the audit process. The full…

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Webinar: Improving Internal Audit Performance for State and Local Government

internal audit, government, state and local, IIA, best practices, MGO

Recently, Jim Godsey, MGO Senior Assurance/Advisory Partner was a panelist in a Webinar with Dr. Peter Hughes, Assistant Auditor-Controller, Los Angeles County, and Kieu-Anh King, Budget Deputy, Los Angeles Board of…

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Navigating Uniform Guidance

As of December 2014, the OMB Uniform Guidance “Super Circular” directive has required organizations receiving federal grants to implement new standards related to various aspects of reporting and auditing. However,…

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