Did the 2018 Farm Bill Deschedule CBD?

In recent years, cannabis by-product cannabidiol (CBD) has earned great public acclaim for its purported health benefits, launching an industry that is expected to eclipse $1B in 2019. Laboratory research…

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Seeking Capital in Canada: Why US Cannabis Businesses are Going Public in Canada

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2018 has been a landmark year for the cannabis industry in many ways. Not only did California’s legal market open on 1/1/2018, but Canada is soon to become the largest…

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Tax Reform Enhances Value of Research Tax Credits for Government Contractors

By Chris Bard, Chai Hoang & Patrick Wallace The Research Tax Credit (“credit”) isn’t a new development, but some government contractors have yet to take full advantage of its benefits.…

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So you think you’re an “S.”

By Brendan J. Sullivan and Alison V. Torres Trendiness is a word not frequently used in conjunction with tax planning. Discussing the in-vogue corporate structure never will be the hot…

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MGO Selected as Consultants for the Defense Innovation Voucher Program

If you are a small defense contractor based in San Diego County who is pursuing new commercial markets or looking to diversify your government contracts, then please check out the…

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10 Things Government Contractors Need to Know About Tax Reform

The $1.5 trillion new tax law represents the most sweeping change to tax code in a generation. Tax reform of this magnitude will have broad implications for government contractors. While…

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Cannabis Jobs Boom Creates Unexpected Challenges

The cannabis industry in California, and throughout the US, is experiencing extraordinary growth. With established cannabis businesses expanding, and new businesses opening on a daily basis, a competitive hiring environment has emerged.…

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2017-2018 Tax Guide

When it comes to tax law, “uncertain” remains the watchword. Given the recent shift in power in Congress and the fact that the President is now in his last two…

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The Unexpected Benefits of Outsourcing

A leading CPA firm providing outsourced accounting solutions to start ups and established businesses.

Today’s corporate leadership faces significant challenges and opportunities in a quickly evolving economic environment and increasingly complex business functions. Worldwide, financial organizations are feeling the impact of higher volatility, uncertainty,…

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