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Government executives face a range of evolving challenges – the complexity of compliance issues like Uniform Grant Guidance and GASB 68, difficulties managing mounting municipal debt,and increasing pressures on questions of transparency and sustainability.

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Maximizing value from funding and effectively tracking and reporting the effectiveness of programs are central to delivering on your mission. As public pressure grows, our dedicated State and Local Government advisory team helps institutions accomplish more.

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State & Local Government Advisory

MGO’s State and Local Government Advisory Practice collaborates with some of the largest government institutions in the U.S. to shape systems and processes that establish control, support compliance, and maximize revenue. We understand there is no standard blueprint and that best practices are understood within a local context. That’s why we bring extensive experience to every engagement to shape solutions that meet the needs of individual communities.

Services include:
Compliance Audits
Performance Audits
Regulatory Compliance Review
Agreed Upon Procedures
Implementation | Change Management
Risk Assessments
Fiscal Analysis
Rate Studies
Financial Management
Capital Planning
Bond Issuance
Post Issuance

State & Local Government Advisory

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Every day we help government executives deliver solutions to their communities. How can we help?

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