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We understand the unique challenges families face as they go through the estate planning process. With so many changes in estate tax law over the past decade, and more being predicted in coming years, that challenge becomes even more daunting.  We can help.

MGO LLP offers experts in estate and inheritance tax planning. Our CPAs and advisors work hand-in-hand families and their attorneys to provide more valuable estate planning options. This helps our clients secure a lasting legacy with value-added insight on managing estates, inheritances, and other forms of inheritance.

Planning for Inheritance and Estate Taxes

When a deceased person’s estate value exceeds a certain threshold, a federal form 706 (U.S. Estate and Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Return) must be filed within nine months after the date of death. Any due taxes, including one or more additional state income and trust tax return filings, must also be paid at that time. This is a major burden for family and loved ones and comes with a significant level of risk. Failure to file the returns and/or pay the tax due in a timely manner could result in a loss of tax benefits and significant additional penalties and interest. Planning ahead provides peace-of-mind to loved ones and strengthens a legacy, as the amount saved can be as high as 10% to 15% of the gross estate.

Often, persons with inheritance tax issues have business tax issues as well; as a business is often part of the estate. MGO LLP works with a wide array of corporations and businesses in California, including technology firms, gaming, hospitality and native tribes, and cannabis businesses, offering the best tax services and tax preparation available. Our expert California CPAs have years of tax preparation experience working with S Corporations, C Corporations, LLC’s, and Partnerships of all types. Regardless of size, we can work to minimize tax expenditures.

Navigating Estate Taxes

Property in California often exceeds national values across the spectrum, and many residents have substantial businesses or other holdings in assets, as well as international tax exposure. As successful persons mature, there is an increasing possibility that their estates exceed the minimum federal tax. In addition, many California residents seek to pass wealth to their children or to help them build a business or finance an education. Gifting can be a beneficial tax strategy, if one understands the restrictions and gift tax implications. Our tax experts can help California residents plan to minimize estate, inheritance, or gift taxes wherever possible.

Planning for the future

Understanding scenarios involved in trust and estate taxes can be daunting and emotionally difficult. No one likes to think about the end times. But with proper planning and management it is possible to make a great impact helping non-profits, children, family, or friends. By successfully addressing and planning for estate and inheritance taxes one can gain piece of mind to enjoy life and think of one’s legacy as an on-going asset.

Comprehensive Tax Solutions

MGO LLP is a leading CPA firm for tax services in California. Our goal, plain and simple, is to help improve your competitive advantage through value-added tax solutions. We offer clients a diverse range of fully integrated tax services that combine insight with deep industry knowledge. Our experienced professionals work diligently to provide you with guidance on all aspects of your tax situation driven by expertise that helps you make informed, strategic decisions.

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