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Intercompany transactions that cross tax jurisdictions are some of the most challenging issues facing companies with intrastate or international operations. The complexity of these transactions, ranging from services, products, intangibles and financial arrangements, also provides opportunities to moderate effective tax rates, increase earnings, and ultimately optimize after-tax profits.


Complexity across tax jurisdictions presents opportunities for the well-prepared. MGO has the expertise to design and implement an optimized transfer policy that supports your bottom line.

Transfer Pricing Services

Balancing Value and Risk Tolerance

In today’s global businesses environment, differing tax codes in every jurisdiction where you do business can present challenges for every transaction. Adding further complexity are tax authorities around the world who are honing in on transfer pricing to protect national tax bases. This level of scrutiny makes having a well-designed and documented transfer pricing policy an imperative need.

MGO’s Transfer Pricing Practice aligns companies and their affiliates to not only help build and document transfer pricing policies, but also defend them when necessary. MGO will help develop detailed best practices that are harmonious with your company’s overall financial operations and tax plans and also flexible enough to allow for growth and adaptability.

Transfer Pricing Services

Specialty Services

Proven CPA & Advisory Solutions

Transfer Pricing Services

Specialty Services

Proven CPA & Advisory Solutions

Transfer Pricing Planning and Structuring
Transfer Pricing Tools, Analytics and Operations
Transfer Pricing Benchmarking
IP and Business Valuation
Transfer Pricing Compliance Documentation
Controversy Support: Audit, Fastrak, APA, Competent Authority, MAP
Uncertain Tax Provision: FIN48, ASC 740
Featured Insights

Emerging Perspectives on Tax

The complex and evolving nature of tax codes – at International, Federal and State and Local levels – creates opportunities to gain competitive advantage for the proactive and well-informed.

MGO’s leading team of tax specialists regularly publish news, articles and thought leadership detailing emerging opporunities and risks focused on helping our clients lower their tax burden and achieve strategic growth.


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TAX ALERT: How Will Tax Reform Affect International Activity?

After unifying the House and Senate tax reform provisions into one piece of legislation, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, H.R. 1 (“the Act”) was approved in the…


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Our people are the cornerstone of our success: a proven team of CPAs and Advisors with expertise in fields that range from finance, audit and accounting to performance management, technology and cybersecurity.

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