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PCAOB, SEC, audit approach, public company, public company, government audit, efficiency, california, san diego, los angeles, san franciscoFor public companies, the annual audit process is integral to the organization’s financial viability. Not only is the audit required by the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (“SEC”), it also serves as an essential source of information for stakeholders, the capital markets, and policymakers, who rely on the auditor’s opinion to make investments and other decisions. The audit opinion is the covenant between a public company, stakeholders/investors, and policymakers that an organization’s financial statements are accurate and free from material misstatements.

In addition to a review of financial statements, SEC guidelines require an integrated audit, which reviews the effectiveness of internal controls that govern the risks of material errors and misstatements. An effective integrated audit provides a holistic, birds-eye view of an organization’s operations and finances, certifying operational health.

At the core of an audit opinion’s validity is trust that the auditor is providing an objective, transparent perspective. Our professionals have deep experience serving as trusted advisors to dynamic public companies. We operate with professional skepticism, providing due care and diligence, while executing critical evaluations. Our detailed, high-quality opinions originate from the perspective of a truly independent party. We adhere to the latest regulatory guidance and also actively seek to identify control weaknesses, giving management an opportunity to address shortcomings and drive investor confidence.

Our Efficient, Technology-Enabled Public Company Audit Approach

Many public companies see annual audits as a burdensome regulatory hurdle that must be endured to continue doing business. While meeting regulatory compliance is a necessity, the right financial statement audit does not have to interrupt operations, and can provide additional value.

MGO’s qualified assurance professionals serve as trusted advisors to public entities. We take pride in providing value-added services driven by a collaborative approach and informed by the latest technologies. Our process begins by aligning our methodology with a client’s specific needs and guidance provided by MGO’s subject matter experts and industry specialists.

Using a technology-enabled approach, we perform complex data analysis and procedures, including detailed controls testing. Throughout the process we “stay out of the way” so everyday operations are not interrupted as we look beyond accounting entries to examine underlying operations and activities.

Our efficient, collaborative process drills into significant amounts of data, which we transform into meaningful insights that give our clients the confidence to face challenges with clarity and decisiveness.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance in a Complex Environment

Regulatory oversight in the US, and around the world, is increasing as policymakers are actively proposing reforms to financial reporting and corporate governance. Meeting these requirements is the first, and foremost, purpose of a public company audit. To stay abreast of current and emerging standards, MGO’s dedicated professionals closely monitor standard-setting committees and boards related to the AICPA, SEC, FASB, GAAP, GAAS, and PCAOB.

By staying involved in the standard-setting process, we ensure that our services meet current regulatory requirements and our clients get a head-start preparing for changes on the horizon.

Comprehensive Public Company Assurance and Audit Services

MGO LLP is a leading assurance and audit CPA firm for clients in California, the US, and across the world. Whether you are a public technology company in Silicon Valley, a firm focused on B2B services in the greater Los Angeles area, or a public company seeking a top-rated and recognized CPA firm in California for your audit and assurance needs, reach out to us for an initial consultation.

Our goal, plain and simple, is to help our clients improve competitive advantage through value-added assurance solutions. We offer a diverse range of fully integrated assurance services that combine regulatory knowledge with operational insight and deep industry knowledge. Our experienced professionals work diligently to provide guidance on all aspects of financial reporting, driven by expertise that helps our clients make informed, strategic decisions.


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