Management Consulting Services

To gain competitive advantage in today’s complex, global marketplace, an organization must be willing seek value and optimize performance everywhere there is an opportunity. Organizations can pursue excellence across essential business functions, including operational assessments, finance and accounting improvements, and technological implementation.

Effective change management requires a comprehensive understanding of an organization and its business environment. MGO’s leading management consulting services are rooted in functional expertise and informed by an enterprise-wide understanding of systems, processes, and goals. From this foundation we provide a full suite of services designed to capture and maximize value and empower our clients to make informed, strategic decisions.

Integrated Management Consulting Services
Operational Assessments & Gap Analysis

Could your organization be working faster or more efficiently? Is one area slowing the entire enterprise down? MGO conducts deep analysis to produce actionable insights that help an organization reduce costs and unleash growth potential.

Change Management

Today’s global marketplace moves fast and many organizations find themselves needing to reorganize or pivot to compete. Whether an organization requires a moderate restructuring or a complete overhaul, MGO provides value-added support for cross-functional change that optimizes financial, operational, and strategic performance.

Business Analytics

Advanced analytics and big data are helping many organizations uncover opportunities to optimize operations or access transformational growth. Deriving value from business analytics requires the right mix of technological tools and strategic guidance. MGO offers analytical expertise that mines complex data sources for operational insights and growth opportunities.

Revenue Optimization

Stagnant or declining revenue can be an opportunity to reassess critical functions and strategic initiatives. MGO offers comprehensive solutions that assess financial performance and provide actionable solutions to strengthen revenue cycles.

Staff Augmentation & Outsourced CFO

Financial performance is the lifeblood of an organization and occasionally requires expert-level guidance to support profitability initiatives or optimize financial operations. MGO provides subject matter experts and qualified financial professionals to organizations in need of tactical support and a fresh eye for financial reporting, analysis and consulting, or back-office restructuring.

Performance Measurement & KPIs

Effective transformational change must be rooted in a clear, decisive understanding of enterprise-wide efficiency and performance. MGO provides strategic consulting services focused on analysis of organizational performance, strategic planning, performance measurement, resource alignment, reporting and evaluation, and process improvement.

IT Assessments, Planning & Integration

Technological advancements are moving quickly and supporting every level of organizational performance. Staying up-to-date on the most cost-effective and beneficial IT solutions is integral to competitiveness today and in the future. MGO provides comprehensive services designed to assess the current state, advise on potential improvements, and support integration and implementation efforts.

Innovative Management Consulting Solutions

MGO is a dynamic leader in providing management consulting services. Our expert professionals understand that even minor operational or structural changes can have wide-reaching effects. That’s why our suite of management consulting services are rooted in a multi-disciplinary understanding of an organization. We collaborate closely with our clients’ people, processes, and technology – rolling up our sleeves, embracing challenges, and implementing solutions that help organizations succeed.

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