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International Tax

Accessing international markets can be a tremendous growth opportunity. We help clients overcome the unique challenges of cross-border activity and international taxation requirements to simplify complexities, reduce financial burdens, and support strategic growth.

Global perspective.

Accounting, tax, and financial complexity can bog down bottom line growth when accessing overseas markets. MGO helps maintain compliance and optimize transactions to minimize risk and maximize profit.

International Tax

Holistic Approach to Global Growth

Cross-border transactions can be a tremendous growth opportunity – but come with inherent levels of risk. Whether importing, exporting, or investing; navigating the tax and reporting laws at home and abroad can represent a serious burden.

MGO’s dedicated International Tax team takes a comprehensive global approach, providing referrals to global resources and guidance to clients who trade internationally and/or have offshore subsidiaries or joint ventures. We can help you understand international taxation requirements and reduce financial burdens to support future growth.

International Tax Services

Inbound Corporate Tax

For foreign entities entering the U.S. market we help coordinate business activities by establishing and optimizing import/export deals, avoiding a U.S. taxable presence, or creating an entity. We also support inter-company transactions through collaboration with our Transfer Pricing practice.

Outbound Corporate Tax

We help public and private U.S. entities entering foreign markets. Services we provide include:

  • Coordination with foreign offices/affiliates
  • Foreign tax credit (FTC) planning
  • Anti-deferral regime avoidance
  • Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC)
  • Subpart F Income Minimization
  • Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI)
  • Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC)
  • E&P and DCL Accounting

Flow Thru/Private Equity Tax Services

Whether an inbound or outbound entity, we assist private equity, venture capitalists, asset managers, and other investment groups explore and enter global markets. In addition, we help foreign flow through entities invest in U.S. businesses and capital markets.

U.S. Global Employer Services

We assist employers in sending employees abroad (expats) or having foreign employees enter the U.S. (impats).

Services include developing global compensation plans, including pensions, deferred compensation, and stock options; and hypothetical tax computation (hypo-tax) to ensure employers and employees are taking full advantage of totalization agreements.

Supply Chain Management

Our phased approach helps public and private multinationals achieve a tax-efficient supply chain. Services are customizable to each level of a company’s life cycle and are performed in conjunction with our Transfer Pricing practice to ensure functions and profit allocations are appropriate.

ASC 740 Services

Targeted support for the international tax aspects of ASC 740 whether this be from an accounting or audit perspective. Our scope includes audit, review, or accounting for:

  • ASC 740-10-25-3 (fka APB 23)
  • ASC 740-10 (fka FIN 48)
  • Tax accounting for GILTI, FDII, Subpart F, DCL, etc.

We also provide assistance with foreign provisions in determining permanent and temporary items.

Indirect Taxes

Consulting services involve assisting clients with value added taxes (VAT), Goods & Services Taxes (GST/HST/PST), and U.S. customs and duties. We also coordinate with a Foreign Office – whether an MGO affiliate, foreign law firm, or foreign accounting firm.

Our compliance support focuses on assisting clients with foreign compliance calendars.

Foreign Tax Compliance

Consulting support includes OECD pillar 2 modeling for clients and assistance with planning for minimization of worldwide taxation. These services strictly involve income or direct taxes.

Our compliance services focus on assisting clients with foreign compliance calendars.

Private Client International Tax

Through our Private Client Services offering, you can close the gap between yourself and cross-border activities. Whether you’re a U.S. citizen with foreign assets or a foreign individual with U.S. assets, our approach includes income tax minimization and transfer tax minimization techniques.

Areas of focus include:

  • Global Family Office
  • Relocation Services
  • Business Affairs Structuring
  • Foreign Assets Disclosure and Management
  • International Income Tax Planning
  • International Estate (Transfer) Tax
  • IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program

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