International Audits

Organizations with well-established global operations, or companies seeking to expand into new marketplaces, have access to tremendous growth opportunities that can be the source of transformational growth. Initiatives engaging foreign markets can also bring significant risk: From difficulties executing the nuances of operational expansion in foreign environments, and subsequent opportunities for fraud and misuse; to navigating regulatory oversight to meet local and international standards. In fact, many countries require that organizations provide audited financial statements that require accounting and audit standards other than US GAAP and US GAAS.

The guidance of a truly independent audit provider with deep experience in international reporting standards can be a beneficial resource helping ensure international compliance, while also providing invaluable feedback on the effectiveness of controls and operations.

MGO acts as a trusted advisor to dynamic public and private companies with international operations. We provide a holistic, global approach tailored to the unique requirements of every client. Our process originates in a clear understanding of objectives, requirements, and the scope of the operating and regulatory environment. From there, we combine proven industry expertise with proven tools and methodologies to a develop program plan that meets the diverse needs of regulators, stakeholders and your management team.

Far-Reaching and Precise Statutory Audit Services

International organizations are subject to a complex web of statutory audit requirements in each of the jurisdictions where they do business. While compliance with local regulations is the core purpose of statutory audits, a comprehensive examination can provide additional value through in-depth looks at the effectiveness of systems and controls operating far from an organization’s headquarters.

MGO’s dedicated assurance professionals are well-versed in international standards and deliver exacting compliance services. Integrated into our audit approach is a systematic analysis of operations and controls that can identify opportunities for improvement, and flag areas of potential concern.

Ensuring Compliance in a Complex Environment

Regulatory oversight in the US, and around the world, is increasing as policymakers are actively proposing reforms to financial reporting and corporate governance. To stay abreast of current and emerging standards, MGO’s dedicated professionals closely monitor standard-setting committees and boards related to the AICPA, SEC, FASB, GAAP, GAAS, and PCAOB.

By staying involved in the standard-setting process, we ensure that our services meet current regulatory requirements and our clients get a head-start preparing for changes on the horizon.

Our Efficient, Technology-Enabled Approach for International Companies

For international organizations, financial statement and statutory audits can be seen as a regulatory hurdle that must be overcome to continue doing business overseas. While meeting regulatory compliance is a necessity, the right international assurance services not have to interrupt operations, and can provide additional value.

MGO’s qualified assurance professionals take pride in providing value-added services driven by a collaborative approach and informed by the latest technologies. Our process begins by aligning our methodology with our clients’ specific needs and is informed by guidance from subject matter experts and industry specialists. Throughout the process we “stay out of the way” so everyday operations are not interrupted as we look beyond accounting entries to examine underlying operations and activities.

Our efficient, collaborative process drills into significant amounts of data, which we transform into meaningful insights that give our clients the confidence to face challenges with clarity and decisiveness.


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