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Financial crime does more than impact your bottom line. It slows productivity, skews market confidence, and incurs fines and worse from regulators. The worst part is that you may not know you've been hit until it's too late.

Protect your company.

Turn risk and vulnerability into strengths with a proactive stance toward identifying and rectifying financial crimes. See how we utilize internal controls and forensic investigations to shore up gaps and extinguish opportunities for fraud.

Advisory Services

Forensic Advisory

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that organizations lose approximately 5% of revenue to fraud. MGO’s dedicated Forensic Advisory Services practice is dedicated to detecting, responding to, and preventing fraud. Our team of Certified Fraud Examiners, Internal Audit specialists, CPAs and risk management consultants have deep experience establishing strength and long-term security via forensic investigations and anti-fraud services.

Forensic Advisory Services

Specialized Services

Proven solutions delivered by expert CFEs, CPAs and Advisors

Forensic Advisory Services

Specialized Services

Proven solutions delivered by expert CFEs, CPAs and Advisors

Fraud Insurance Investigations
Litigation Support
Whistleblower investigations
Fraud risk assessment
Digital forensics services
Third-party vendor kickbacks
Employee embezzlement investigations
Improper revenue and expense recognition
Anti-bribery & Corruption investigations
Divorce services

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Clear, actionable insights are often the key to staying ahead of the competition – mitigating risks, maximizing operational performance, fueling sustainable growth.

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Great people define our success.

Our people are the cornerstone of our success: a proven team of CPAs and Advisors with expertise in fields that range from finance, audit and accounting to performance management, technology and cybersecurity.

Discover what makes MGO a truly uncommon firm, our people.

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