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Private and public enterprises are re-thinking traditional notions of risk management and financial controls. MGO is at the forefront, driving change as we deliver meaningful insights and practical tools that help minimize risk and drive growth.


Exceed the expectations of boards, stakeholders, and investors. Discover an approach to audit that goes beyond compliance to unlock insights, operational efficiencies, and growth.

Assurance Insights


The Evolution of Audit

In the next five to ten years, assurance and audit services will bear little resemblance to what has historically been defined as audit. Data analytics, artificial intelligence, and massive databases of detailed industry information will play an important role in the formation of a dramatically different approach to assurance and audit services.

Featured Services

Private Company

Disruptive innovations are transforming entire industries. To meet demand, MGO’s audit model has expanded beyond a review of historical data to include forward-looking insights that help organizations face adversity with clarity and confidence.

SEC & Public Company Audits

Amid tumultuous market conditions, public companies, and companies planning to go public, must balance the competing pressures of maintaining regulatory and reporting compliance and sustaining investor and market confidence.

Government Audit Services

As stewards of public trust and funds, government executives must ensure compliance and performance. MGO delivers experience and value through one of the nation’s largest practices dedicated to serving government institutions.

International Audit & Assurance

International organizations are subject to a complex web of statutory audit requirements in each of the jurisdictions where they do business. While compliance with local regulations is the core purpose of statutory audits, a comprehensive examination can provide actionable insights.
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