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MGO is a proud sponsor of Variety's Power of Women Summit honoring exceptional women making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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Champions of Change

This is our 4th consecutive year supporting Variety’s Power of Women event. The theme of honoring and championing female talent and leadership is especially resonant this year as we navigate unprecedented challenges and calls for change. Being part of these valuable conversations aligns closely with our efforts to power-up gender diversity and minority inclusion throughout our organization.

We applaud those who continue to push us to rethink social conventions and harness and celebrate the positive and powerful impact of women


Living Your Vision

For over 70 years, we’ve served as CPAs & Business Managers to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. As a result, we’ve come to understand the power of passion and purpose as drivers of a financial plan.

Living Your Vision is about creating a path through life rooted in the things you care about most. Not just the life you envision for yourself, but the impact you want to have on the world that lies ahead.

Living Your Vision: Part 1

Define Your Vision of Success

Living your vision is creating a path through life that enables you to live your best life. A key step in achieving this is planning for a secure future…

Living Your Vision: Part 2

Create an Honest Brand

What is a “brand” and how does one go about creating it? A brand is a footprint. A brand is how you are seen, perceived, and remembered…


Perspectives on Financial Literacy

Declining financial literacy rates have been called a ‘threat to democracy’ and a ‘roadblock to economic equality.’ Meanwhile, fewer and fewer US schools offer basic instruction on personal financial planning. The negative reperucussions affect people at every level of society, including artists, athletes and entertainers.

Article Series

A Crash Course in Financial Literacy

Financial freedom takes time, patience, and just a little bit of know-how. Thus, MGO and Shondaland have teamed up to create an ongoing series on all-things…

Video Series

Introducing the Future Game

Too many professional athletes experience financial distress after retiring. It is never too late or too early to build a lifestyle that reflects your values…

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