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Celebrating Black History Month: Spotlighting Marlon Williams, Assurance Partner


Today, we’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on Marlon Williams, one of our Assurance partners at MGO. Marlon’s journey is one marked by resilience, determination, and a passion for numbers that has guided him throughout his career.

Here is a brief Q&A with Marlon about how he came to accounting, and what tips and advice he would share with others:

What inspired you to pursue a career in accounting?

I’ve always been interested and good with numbers. In the summer of 1979, my cousin and I decided to develop a mobile juice stand. I started calculating that our profits would be better if we used the orange drink from McDonalds instead of orange juice, as our cost of goods sold would be less.

What key milestones in your accounting career are you particularly proud of?  

One of the proudest moments in my career is becoming the first Black Partner at Weaver. We used to joke I was the first Canadian Partner too.

What tips have you found particularly helpful in your career that you would recommend to others?

Find your niche — something that you enjoy doing. Early in my career, I realized I’m not the greatest writer. But I had a fascination with computers and how they could be used to make our lives better. So I leveraged this interest to utilize the tool throughout my career as technology has changed.

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

If I envisioned myself as a Manager at MGO today, I’d tell myself to learn how to say no, so you can be the best at the work in front of you. We all think we’re good at multitasking, but the truth is, it’s more important to focus on excelling at the task at hand and providing the very best service so nothing falls through the cracks.