Dusty Snyder

Business Management Partner

Throughout his long career, Dusty served as a trailblazer in the entertainment business management industry. He shared his unique insight and extensive knowledge to help his film and television clients achieve their professional growth potential — so they could focus on their craft. We are proud to call him Partner Emeritus.

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Early on in my career, I nurtured my passions for entertainment and accounting. This allowed to form Meschures Snyder Pocras & Levin in Beverly Hills, where I was privileged to help entertainers throughout the industry achieve their financial goals. 

In 2017, we merged with MGO to form an even stronger and impactful entertainment business management practice. Variety called the move “a sign of further consolidation among Hollywood business management practices,” and it brought approximately 100 film and television clients, including actors, writers, directors, and producers, to MGO.

Now retired, I enjoy dedicating my time to running marathons and cheering on the Dodgers with my wife Jami.