Danielle Berg

President & Chief Experience Officer | Partner

As a pioneering executive leader, Danielle’s goal is to do no less than revolutionize the nature of work within financial services. Providing exceptional experiences – for both clients and talent – is the true differentiator of elite firms. Danielle strives to align and optimize the intangible elements of our organization to achieve the ultimate goal of sparking sustainable growth.

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Over the course of my career, I have successfully refined and implemented a paradigm-shifting approach to organizational health and prosperity. The drivers of growth expand beyond traditional notions of sales, M&A, and marketing to encompass intangible functions: brand, culture, and talent experience.

The goal is to provide seamless experiences for clients and talent. When our team members feel empowered and inspired, we attract industry-leading talent who deliver their very best to clients. When we meet clients where and when they need us, they achieve their goals, attain peace-of-mind, and organically evangelize our message of value.

To achieve this at MGO, we have disrupted the old way of doing things and put experience at the center of everything we do. By cultivating organizational wellness, we are launching a virtuous cycle of human care that builds value for ourselves, our clients, and our communities.

I have honed this approach through years of experience guiding growth strategy and culture integration for fast-growing companies. By integrating sales and marketing strategies to optimize impact and blend market awareness, I elevate firms into an elite tier of success.

I’ve been blessed to gain a wealth of experience throughout my career, and I relish every opportunity to give back and cultivate the next generation of leaders. I have served as a nonprofit foundation president, the creator of a female leadership program, and the visionary of social-enterprise strategies.

Boston College, B.A. History and French, Magna Cum Laude

Seton Hall University, MA, Corporate and Public Communications

The Sorbonne, Paris, France, Art History