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Danielle Berg

President and Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Danielle Berg, recognized and respected across the accounting and professional services industry, is among the nation’s leading experience-driven growth executives. She specializes in building brands, aligning cultures, developing products, and creating strategies to deliver efficient, profitable growth. Her expertise has been refined through a rare ability to make intangible services and products understandable and desirable for sophisticated business-to-business customers. That is her primary focus as the president and CXO of MGO.

For more than 25 years, Ms. Berg has served her executive colleagues and teams with clear-sighted strategies and powerful performance that delivers. Prior to joining MGO, she managed growth strategy and culture integration for a dozen mergers in a tight three-year window. Along the way, she developed new pricing strategies to increase average engagement value by 25-percent, and delivered segmented industry growth surpassing overall growth targets.

She is known for repositioning and rebranding firms ready for meteoric growth and building national reputations for excellence that attract and align industry-leading talent. She also served as a non-profit foundation president, the creator of a female leadership program, and the visionary of social-enterprise strategies.

Where many firms find friction between marketing and sales, Danielle Berg integrates them for optimized impact and blends market awareness and transactional success for a holistic approach to performance. As CXO, she captures CEO vision and CFO discipline for powerful experiences that drive companywide results. Integral to all she does, Ms. Berg believes in the transformative power of clarity: of vision, planning, communication, and results.

Danielle Berg was educated in the United States and France, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College, with additional, focused study at The Sorbonne in Paris. She resides in Atlanta with her husband Neal and their two teenage children, Ella and Eric.