Municipal Marijuana Tax, Advisory and Compliance Solutions

Accountability, Controls and Best Practices for Cities, Counties and State Agencies

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There are few issues facing municipal executives today more challenging than the emerging medical and recreational marijuana industry.   While some sources estimate that legalized cannabis in California could generate over $1 billion in annual tax revenue to cash-strapped government agencies, the compliance and taxation hurdles are substantial. MGO can help.  We are the leading CPA firm to develop Municipal Marijuana Tax and Compliance Solutions.

At the state & local level, government agencies are left wrestling the significant practical challenges of managing the impact of a controversial new product on their businesses and communities — as well as the regulatory issues of conflicting state & federal laws.  Most significantly,  government financial managers are faced with the unprecedented hurdle of collecting tax revenues from an exclusively cash businesses, operating without the checks, balances & controls of a traditional banking relationships.

That’s why MGO has developed a suite of proven solutions for government executives navigating the complex challenges of the emerging cannabis industry.  Our team includes experience in Government as well as leading experts who are helping shape the systems, processes and best practices of the emerging marijuana industry.  Our services include the following:

Municipal Marijuana Tax Implementation & Audit Services

Comprehensive on-site tax assessments of all marijuana related businesses.  Best practice processes, tools and controls that support integration of sound tax policies.

Compliance Services for Cities, Counties and State Agencies

On-site regulatory assessments to all marijuana related business operations.

Marijuana Business Application & Permitting Solutions for City & County Governments

Solutions for processing and scoring applications, issuance of permits and annual renewals.

Best Practices for Municipal Governments & State Agencies

Subject matter expertise in providing guidance and documentation to enact best practices for all marijuana related business operations.

Economic Surveys of Marijuana Businesses

Comprehensive analysis of the existing industry in the municipality’s geographical area along with an assessment of potential revenues from all local marijuana related businesses.

Staff Training: Marijuana Laws & Regulations

Staff training on all aspects of the marijuana industry and related business operations.

Outsourcing Solutions for Government Agencies Implementing Marijuana Initiatives

A comprehensive suite of outsourced services including bookkeeping, audit, tax and application & permitting services.

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