Access to professional resources with industry-specific skills can provide a highly efficient way to reduce the costs, time, and risks associated with organizational change initiatives. Unfortunately, factors like the competitive job market and high attrition rates can make it difficult for many government contractors to find capable support.

MGO’s dedicated Government Contractor practice has access to a pool of highly-qualified professionals ready to supplement our clients’ current staff during peak periods or provide year-round assistance. Drawing on MGO’s expertise creates internal efficiencies through access to our professionals on an as-needed basis. This flexibility allows organization to concentrate on ways to better serve customers and grow, rather than diverting time and attention to administrative functions.

Strengthen Operations with Tactical Staff Support

MGO’s industry specialists have the specific skills and experience to provide assistance with a wide range of business activities, from bookkeeping services to CFO duties. Our staff specialize in FAR compliant accounting procedures and adhere to the CAS, FAR, DFARS, DEAR, NIH, and Caltrans principles. Some of our services include:

  • Outsourced Controller and CFO
  • Outsourced accounting duties
  • Ongoing Government Contracting and GAAP Accounting consultation (as needed)
  • Internal audit duties to include controls documentation, evaluation and monitoring
  • Accounting system planning, design and assessment for QuickBooks, JAMIS and CostPoint
  • Reengineering of current system to comply with Federal Regulations
  • DCAA and DCMA liaison

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