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California CPA firm for Nonprofits and not-for-profits serving San Francisco and Los AngelesIn recent years, executives at not-for-profit organizations have found themselves navigating a rapidly evolving set of market challenges and opportunities – from growing regulatory complexity and donor scrutiny, to the emergence of social media-driven donor campaigns and crowdfunding. Meanwhile, non-profits still face the day-to-day challenge of improving their fiscal health while delivering on their core mission.

As one of the leading CPA firms for non-profits, we understand the complexity of the not-for-profit landscape, and the important information needs of your unique constituencies – governing boards, contributors, grantors, lenders, members and other communities of interest. MGO has a 25-year history of service to the public sector including a myriad of accounting services for non-profits, including:

  • Charitable Organizations
  • Youth Organizations
  • Higher Education
  • Health and Welfare Organizations
  • Foundations and Grant Making Entities
  • Professional Associations
  • Membership Organizations

At MGO, we combine a deep understanding of the not-for-profit ecosystem with unparalleled expertise in public sector accounting. Because our thought leaders play an active role in standard setting bodies, industry groups, and other regulatory authorities, we have the unique opportunity to represent the clients we serve through the development of policies and standards. We strive to share our unique insights and thought leadership with our clients. For example, as not-for-profit entities have found themselves facing the complexities of the OMB Uniform Grant Guidance directive, MGO’s position as a leading auditor of federal expenditures in California has allowed us to develop tools and programs to help our clients navigate these unique challenges (see attached).

Beyond traditional assurance and advisory services, we see ourselves and extension of the client team – rolling up our sleeves, embracing challenges and implementing solutions. Compliance issues, governance problems, financial presentation, fraud protection, and tax concerns are just a few of the challenges that we help our non-profit clients overcome, through innovation, energy, and an uncanny ability to help your organization succeed.

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