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Navigating Uniform Guidance

As of December 2014, the OMB Uniform Guidance “Super Circular” directive has required organizations receiving federal grants to implement new standards related to various aspects of reporting and auditing. However, it is clear that many recipients and sub-recipients, are still struggling to understand the full scope of the new guidelines—much less implement them. Even as grant reform rules were intended to streamline administration, audit, and cost principles, they have also created quite a bit of confusion among participants.

Uniform Guidance Navigator Tool

img-inset-navigator-link to mgonavigator.comAt MGO, we‘re trying to help take some of the complexity out of federal compliance.  We realize that not all federally-issued reports are created to be entirely user friendly, so we’ve created this simple tool, designed to help federal grant recipients navigate the 105 page OMB Uniform Guidance publication.

Top Experience in Compliance

MGO is uniquely qualified to aid organizations in navigating the challenges of Uniform Guidance as we audit more federal expenditures in California than any other firm. Our expertise has guided audits for the State of California, as well as the largest cities and counties (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego), and entities as complex as CALPers – the world’s largest pension system.

Service Options for Grant Recipients

img-roadmap2Our goal is to provide the education, planning, implementation, and monitoring needed for entities to cross from previous regulations into full compliance with the newest Uniform Guidance standards. For recipients or sub-recipients of federal grant funding, MGO offers comprehensive analysis and implementation support services.

If you have questions about how Uniform Guidance standards will affect your organization, contact us today.






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