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Navigating the Impact
of COVID-19

Moving Forward

Amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis, MGO is helping clients move forward with clarity and confidence. How can we help you?


Webinar Series: Beyond COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in the history of American business. Our latest webinar series: Beyond COVID-19 was developed to provide practical insights to business leaders navigating the rapidly evolving marketplace.


Beyond Covid 19: The Path to IPO

In our concise 18 minute presentation, we will guide you through the main concerns and emerging considerations of the IPO process in a financial environment…

We Have Solutions

CARES Act: Support for State and Local Government

MGO offers support to help state and local governments understand and access funding, manage regulatory complexity, and institute financial best practices.

Strategic Tax Advisory

With tax deadlines on the horizon, legislators at the state and federal level are issuing deadline changes, tax breaks, and other aid packages in effort to support individuals and businesses. Get expert guidance on how these changes can help you get back on your feet.

Technology Solutions

As a safety precaution, many companies are transitioning to a remote workforce, which presents a multitude of risks and operational challenges. Our technology team can ease this transition by providing strengthening network capabilities and implementing cyber and information security protocols.

Operational Improvement

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the end-to-end global supply chain, exposing a wide variety of operational weaknesses. Our Advisory Services team can conduct operational risk reviews and provide expert guidance for weathering the crisis safely – and preparing for further disruption.

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