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April 24, 2019

MGO hires Managing Director to Lead MGO Technology Group

New York City, April 23, 2019 - Karl Kispert has joined MGO LLP, one of the fastest growing CPA and Advisory Services firms in the nation, where he will lead MGO Technology Group. The new endeavor will provide companies with information risk management, regulatory and compliance programs, virtual CISO services, ERP, cyber & information security, technology risk management services, and IT managed services.

Karl has 30 years’ experience in the cyber and information security space. He has worked as a CISO, consulted for the U.S. government and private companies, and served as a Federal Agent working for the US Department of Defense where he had top security clearance working on many of the United States’ most critical technological and information security programs. For the past two decades, Karl has assisted a wide range of clients, from small organizations to Fortune 20 companies, in the Technology and Cyber & Information Security space.

Karl’s specific expertise in technology and information security is exceptional to say the least,” said Kevin O’Connell, CEO and Managing Partner of MGO. “His background and experience will be of critical value to companies as we help them create and expand their capabilities protecting IP and user information.”

With an average of three reported data breeches into US companies occurring on a daily basis, the creation of the MGO Technology Group is in response to a growing and alarming need in the marketplace. Karl, along with his dedicated team of IT security specialists, will assist clients in understanding their potential technological and cyber risks, and provide a clear path to strengthening their security.

I have seen first-hand the damage an unchecked cyber intrusion can have on a growing company,” said Kispert. “Joining with MGO is an opportunity to leverage their already impressive resources to assist organizations in establishing robust defenses against mounting cyber threats.”

Karl will be based out of MGO’s New York City office and will serve both US-based and international clients.