Type Atypical

Welcome to the new MGO

We’re proud to announce a significant milestone in the history of MGO as we align our brand with an expanded strategic vision for the firm.


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For years, our tagline “Proud to Be Boring Accountants,” has served us well and helped to differentiate us from a field of largely indistinguishable competitors.  But, the marketplace has evolved a great deal, and the breadth and depth of our service offerings have expanded far beyond any attempt to define ourselves exclusively as accountants – boring or otherwise. As our clients have come to rely on our expertise, our role as trusted advisors has expanded to include strategy, operations, technology, staffing and a wide range of other critical business functions. Today, the ‘Boring Accountant’ label simply doesn’t fit.

The Key Points

What does it mean to be Type Atypical? Throughout our history, we’ve defined ourselves as a very different kind of firm. It’s been a large part of what appeals to clients and to those of us who choose to spend our careers at MGO.  Some of the most noteworthy examples include:

  • Our Values & Culture: Written specifically to capture and build on the things that make us unique, our values statements don’t sound anything like the other firms in our industry because they weren’t intended to. Concepts like Ideas Rule, Build Something, Straight Talk help define who we are and how we’re different.
  • Going the Extra Mile: This is what truly makes MGO different. We deliver more than just reports and recommendations. We’re the firm that rolls up our sleeves and works alongside our clients to get the job done.
  • Simply Unconventional: We raised a few eyebrows when we declared we’re “Proud to be Boring Accountants,” but we have a history of taking a different path.  This is demonstrated by the diversity of our clients and the people who serve them. We have always looked for ways to help the underserved and never shied away from being different. After all, how many firms can say they serve tribal nations; state & local governments; and Hollywood’s elite?
  • All About Focus: Amid the glut of information competing for our client’s attention every day, our mission is to cut through the clutter and deliver insights. Our value isn’t defined by creating volumes of information – it comes from our ability to boil down the details & complexities to just the stuff that matters most.
  • We’re Listening: Our strongest differentiator is the unique relationship we have with our clients. It’s why our client satisfaction scores are twice the industry average. We define our role by the gaps we can fill on the client’s team — not a pre-defined service offering. Ultimately, we listen, provide insights, and let our clients decide.

Again, launching the new brand is an important milestone for MGO, and we’re excited to start the next chapter in the history of our firm.  In the days and months to come, it will ultimately be our team and the work we do that define what it means to be Type Atypical.