International Tax Solutions


We understand the unique challenges facing clients with international business operations.  Rapidly evolving tax regulations across a myriad of countries can result in significant risks as well as unexpected opportunities for companies and individuals operating across borders.

The professional at MGO help clients navigate the growing complexity of tax codes in around the globe, including Canada, Mexico, China — and throughout Latin America, Western Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim.


Complex International Tax Situations

California is home to one of the largest economies in the world, attracting a vast range of corporations, executives and immigrants with financial operations inextricably linked to the Western United States.  This includes residents as well as foreign nationals, U.S. permanent residents, or U.S. citizens who have substantial assets abroad.

We’ve work closely with people who reside in California all or part of the year and have international business or other assets may incur complex tax liabilities. Our experienced CPAs can help develop a plan to minimize the U.S. taxes required for foreign assets.

Resident Aliens and Foreign Residents Require Special Consideration

International workers, who are not U.S. citizens but have U.S. income, face special tax issues. This includes people who have lived in California for years, but are technically citizens of a foreign country like China, the Philippines, or Israel. Our deeply experienced team of international tax specialists support both permanent residents and visitors with H1 visas and student visas. If your income is 100% in the U.S., or 80% in the U.S. and 20% abroad, it is important to talk with a tax professional that understands the subtleties of international tax and will work diligently to minimize your tax burden.

Comprehensive Tax Solutions

MGO LLP is a leading CPA firm for tax services in California. Our goal, plain and simple, is to help improve your competitive advantage through value-added tax solutions. We offer clients a diverse range of fully integrated tax services that combine insight with deep industry knowledge. Our experienced professionals work diligently to provide you with guidance on all aspects of your tax situation driven by expertise that helps you make informed, strategic decisions.

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