Accounting Assurance Services from Los Angeles to Sacramento, San Diego to San JoseIn today’s rapidly evolving economic climate, organizations face a broad range of issues that extend beyond financial statement reporting and internal controls. Emerging challenges include increased regulatory complexity; growing emphasis on transparency; risks associated with evolving technologies, systems and processes – as well as an expanding focus on sustainability issues.

A Unique Approach

MGO offers a uniquely collaborative, holistic approach to assurance services that involves Accounting Services for California Organizationsnot only dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”, but actively helping you to improve operations, systems, processes, and controls. Our skillful use of the latest technology allows us to perform audit processes efficiently, without getting in the way of your everyday operations. Our assurance services include:

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Single Audit
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audit
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • SEC Audit
  • Service Organization Controls (SOC) Audit

The Benefits of Thought Leadership

Because our thought leaders play an active role in standard setting bodies, industry groups, and other regulatory authorities, we have the unique opportunity to represent the clients we serve through the development of policies and standards. And we strive to share our unique insights and thought leadership with our clients.

Local Focus. National Resources.

Our affiliation with BDO Alliance USA allows us to deliver the local relationship you value while leveraging additional high-quality talent and resources to meet a myriad of needs. No other professional services firm offers this unique blend of solid experience, personalized service, and access to BDO’s alliance network.

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