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We understand that each tribe is unique and that history and context matter. We understand the importance to tribes in growing strong tribal economies and infrastructure. Above and beyond our tribal experience, what sets MGO apart is our established track record and abilities in working with tribal governments in California to develop their economies and infrastructures. Through our unique combination of experience, thought leadership, and commitment to results, our accountants, financial advisors, and other team members can offer peace of mind, practical solutions that support tribes in their goals of sovereignty and self-determination.

MGO’s Tribal Service Group is one comprised of some of the leading accountants and financial advisors for tribal governments in California. We provide comprehensive audit, tax, and consulting services to tribes, tribal businesses, tribal organizations, and individual members. Our Tribal Service Group is supported by accounting and financial professionals experienced in all areas of tribal government, gaming, economic diversification, government contracting, finance, information technology, infrastructure, and taxation. We have the capability and apply proven audit, tax and business consulting expertise to every facet of tribal governments and their enterprises to meet their needs and to help their communities prosper.

  • Our audits are not just audits but an opportunity to improve operations
  • Our tax advice is built on solid tribal experience
  • Our consulting engagements consider the impacts community wide

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